Wedding Planning

BULLZ I has a separate team, which is an expert in wedding planning. Weddings are meant to be a majestic union of a Princess with a Prince. This is what every bride and groom thinks during the whole process from finalizing the wedding to the last ceremony. We work with you to identify how you want the wedding setup. We strive to make your vision a reality.
We at the BULLZ I team present a wide array of wedding themes. We have the complete solution to present to you a memorable wedding ceremony.

Wedding Planning with equipped workforce committed to providing intellectual concepts & innovative thoughts, ideas & designs. We are a team of innovative & determined professionals, to design and execute all sorts of events that will mesmerize your soul The support provided by our team of highly experienced professionals will deliver to you a complete package - planning, conceptualization, production & flawless execution and personalized service. We will ensure to deliver the client’s vision and strategy within a stipulated time frame.

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